What we do

Virus Cleanup and Computer Optimization

Our skilled technicians can clean up a virus infection on your computer for save you time and money, and more importantly, save you from the potential loss of those critical files.  Our computer optimization services remove unnecessary software, drivers, and settings to ensure that your computer is running at its absolute best! *Rush Services Available

Data Backup & Recovery

Do you need your data backed up from an old computer?  Do you need a large data transfer.  Our retail stores can help you make sure that your important data is backed up and protected from loss.  If you have experienced a computer crash or your hard drive is broken, our retail stores can help you begin the process of data recovery.  Certified Nerds approaches data recovery from several processes depending on the severity of the problem. *Rush Services Available

New Hardware And Software

The Nerds can install new or replacement hardware, much of which we either carry stocked in our stores or can quickly get, into your new or current computer.  Upgrades to memory, hard drives, CD drives, memory card readers, and software are no problem.  Depending on the need, our stores may have used hardware at a discounted price!  

Unlike many other stores, Certified Nerds can replace the power jack on most laptops if it becomes loose or broken.  Don't spend hundreds of dollars on a new computer simply because the power jack broke!  Spend a fraction of that to repair your computer.

If you need your operating system reloaded, that can be handled right in the stores with no need for the computer to be sent out. 


Don't have time to come to one of our stores?  Let us do a house call.  Our onsite services are billed on an hourly basis as opposed to by the task as in our retail stores.  Contact us today to discuss your needs!

Our "Always Free" Services


We perform a FREE diagnostic on every computer. No bench fees or hidden costs for us to simply let you know what is going on with your computer and our recommendation and quote to repair it.

Ink & Toner Cartridge Recycling

Drop your empty ink & toner cartridges off to us! Keep that e-waste out of landfills and help local homeless pets at the same time!  All empty ink & toner cartridges that are recycled through Certified Nerds are dropped off to Paws & Prayers Pet Rescue.  They’re able to turn the cartridges into cash to help local pets find their furever homes.

Cell Phone Recycling

We want your old cell phones! Drop your old cell phones – in ANY condition – off at your local Certified Nerds! Keep that e-waste out of landfills and help local victims of domestic violence at the same time.  All cell phones that are recycled through Certified Nerds are donated to the Hope & Healing Survivor Resource Center.


If we notice your computer is dusty while it’s in for service we just go ahead and blow it out for ya! How’s that for great service?! Regular removal of dust build-up can make a world of difference on a computer’s performance and lifespan.

Mini Optimization

When you purchase a new system from Certified Nerds we remove all of the bloatware first and foremost so you don’t have to mess with it!  When your computer is in the shop for virus removal we go ahead and do a mini-optimization, if we notice there’s a need, at no extra cost!


Our Virus Removal Package has a standard 14 day warranty!